5 Reasons For The SFA To Stay At Hampden Park

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The Scottish Football Association are currently considering whether to extend their lease of Hampden Park stadium when it expires in 2020, or to move to Scotland’s national rugby ground Murrayfield in Edinburgh.

Read on for 5 important reasons the SFA should stay at Hampden Park.

1. History – Hampden is the birthplace of football

Greater Hampden is where the modern game of football was invented. Read up on your footballing history and you will find that the modern game was invented on a pitch adjacent to Queens Park recreation ground, now the site of Hampden Bowling Club.

The first Scottish Team in 1872 were made up of Queens Park players who played and created the rules for modern football on that very pitch. The second Hampden was in Cathkin Park before finally moving to the third and final Hampden in Mount Florida.

2. Economic – Hampden represents £65m per annum to Glasgow

The commercial impact on the local businesses, clubs and homeowners. The economic boost that Hampden gives to Glasgow has been calculated at around £65 million per annum. Can we afford to let that go? No more fans spending in our shops, restaurants and businesses.

3. International Brand – Build upon Hampden’s global brand

Hampden is an internationally recognised global brand. It has showcased every Scottish footballing legend and hosted the world’s elite footballers from Zidane, Puskas, Di Stefano, Charlton, Maradona, Cruyff, Best, Beckenbauer, Lineker, and even the mighty Pele.

Add the legendary music acts that have played at Hampden – U2, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Rod Stewart and Coldplay. Even the super athlete, Usain Bolt was caught dancing to the Proclaimers during his warm up for the 100 metres. How many places in the world can say that?

The cost, effort and time it would require to build up 100 years of brand and international awareness would be billions, not millions. It’s time to build upon what we have rather than lose it, as it could never be recovered.

4. Alternative – Spectre of a derelict site or housing estate

If the Scottish FA leave, the current owners (Queens Park) maybe forced to sell. In that case, Hampden will become either a housing estate or derelict site – a monument to a great past with no future. It will also lead to the demise of the world’s oldest amateur football club.

5. Growth – Greater Hampden is galvanised to grow

In the last few months local and national support for the campaign to keep Hampden roaring has gained momentum. People want to keep Hampden as the home of Scotland’s football team AND build upon what we have to create a Greater Hampden that provides an exceptional experience for fans and benefits the local community.

The public want to leverage our national stadium to support the local economy and provide a better experience for everyone that visits. In that way we will be able to build a better future for everyone who lives in Greater Hampden; Mount Florida, Queens Park, Crosshill, Cathcart, Toryglen, Battlefield and Govanhill.

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  1. Joseph Carson
    Joseph Carson says:

    Hampden Park has a magnificent history. The Real Madrid v Eintracht Frankfurt games as an example. Its the home of the Scotland international team & always should be. Its marvellous for the cup finals as well. We don’t want to play football on a rugby pitch. Keep murrayfield for rugby & hampden for football COME ON !!!


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